Biography Bojan Krkic


 Name: Bojan Krkic Pérez
 Date Birth: 28 de Agosto de 1990
 Birthplace: Linyola ( Pla de l'Urgell ), España
 Nationality: Spanish
 Communitarian passport: Si
 Present club: FC Barcelona

Bojan Krkic Perez was born in Linyola (Pla of l'Urgell) the 28 of August of 1990. It was born in Spain because his father, who at the moment works in the FC Barcelona with ojeador functions, played in Spain at that time. It played in the Mollerusa in the 88, Krkic was Red Star player and OFK of Belgrade. The International Sub 21 (8), Olympic (4) and absolute selection (1) and to its retirement signed by the FC Barcelona like ojeador (1997), position in which has progressed until enlisting itself in the technical services azulgrana. Its work in a soccer school bases leridana served to him as springboard to enter to work in the blaugrana technical secretary, where it works for Txiki Beguristain.

In the soccer plane They measure the perimeter of he is front, an authentic predator of area, is an excellent player in the definition that has beaten all the record of goals written down in the inferior categories of the Barça. Mark hundreds of goals on and off, has an average of more than 3 goals by party in all the equipment of the different categories through which it has happened.

He is a player who emphasizes by his pundonor, not to give a ball by lost and the difficulty that it causes to the rivals to restrain to him when it goes in race.

At the moment it plays in the Youthful B of the Barça, being cadet. Also east year with the Youthful one has played To has recently been called to the Spanish selection sub-17 to its 15 years.

We emphasized these words that demonstrate that it has the head on shoulders: "I would like to arrive, like a all the one that plays soccer, but am necessary to go step by step. So far frame goals, but is because I am in a good equipment without which it could not do nothing. I need much to learn ".

His present average producer is of 3.5 so many by encounter and to conclusion of last campaign his account goleadora, that began when it joined the club like alevín, ascended to 423 ' dianas', a booty that clears hipo.

They were Oriol Tort and Joan the Martinez-Vilaseca whom discovered to the young person crack, that dreams about being INEF professor and that made debut like soccer player to the tender age of 4 years, always animated by their ancestor, its better and harder critic. Its ídolos? It likes Kluivert and Carles Puyol.

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