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The young striker Bojan Krkic played a decade as a player at FC Barcelona.

"Every time I start a season I have been counting, and each time I am happier and more satisfied with being in this club. That is my tenth season, is a pride for me. I spend magical moments, I learned a lot at football, as a person. It's been my second home and therefore owe him a lot and hope I can do ten more, "explains' of Linyola noi 'in an interview published in '

Bojan Krkic: Lucharé al máximo para entrar en la historia del BarçaBojan, who took the leap to the first team two seasons ago, hopes to devote as others have done in the state canteranos Bluered: "I wish could have been reached where Puyol and Xavi, where Andrew is coming, Leo and Victor, and I do not Jorquera I leave the house ... Players who are on the first team where they have lived for many years and are covering the story a myth culé. The truth is that I love and I fight will put you in your place, then here is where you can start to see which way to go. Most important is the fact of having a good time and enjoy playing football. " best to enter the history culé.

Concerning the triplet that is already under its belt despite his young age, Bojan said that "if I had said it would earn in a year three, I do not know ... The triplet is a gift that has given us all Culès . We must thank God for the opportunity to get all three titles with only 18 years. "

Finally, the ram advises those who want to carve a path in the world of football "years, life
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